Informative tape

Barcodes and QR codes

Give your customers more information via the tape with a QR code. With most smartphones today, it is simple and easy to scan and link to your website, your newsletter or social media by a URL that is hidden in the code. Your tape goes from "just" being an advertising medium to becoming an informative and traceable advertising medium.

If your product has a barcode, you can advantageously have it printed on your tape. The product can be identified, sorted and read on its way.

Tape with barcode

Tape with QR code

Banner with QR code

Tape with barcode

We produce our barcodes inhouse to ensure the best result on the specific tape quality, in consideration to the customers request of course.

We have the possibility to quality check the barcodes before print. Our barcodes is typical from ANSI Grade B to C, which makes them easy to read, even for the most "critical" scanner.

It is very important for us to ensure a uniform quality of the barcode on the tape, meter by meter. That is why we put the preliminary work into focus, because it is the foundation to ensure the best result.

Tape with QR code

More and more customers want to use a QR code on their tape. This makes it quick and easy for a consumer to enter a website for e.g. a product display, a menu card or something else.



For QR codes, a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm is recommended.

No, we only use the EAN number to produce the barcode, so it is optimized for our printing method.

A QR code does not necessarily have to be black on a white background, as you usually see them. But the contrast must be strong and the background must be lighter than the code. Black and white is the best combination to minimize errors.