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There is a big difference between tape dispensers, both ergonomically but also functionally. We have a large selection of hand dispensers and are happy to help you find the right one. The right dispenser eliminates inappropriate unrolling of the type of tape you use.

With the right dispenser, the packing is done in an easier, faster and more comfortable way.

Dispensers with brake

Dispensers with noise reduction

Bench dispensers

Dispensers with noise reduction

A dispenser with noise reduction significantly reduces the unrolling noise of the tape. The roll is held by a bracket with a spring which presses the surface of the tape against a small roll. This reduces the noise the tape can make while unrolling.

All tape types can be used in this dispenser, but it really makes a difference when using a noisy PP tape.

If you need a noice reducing dispenser, we stock the following:

93501 - ND 2990 Noise Reducer 50mm
935031 - ND 2993 Noise Reducer 75mm
99250 - H15 Noise Reducer disp. 50mm
99252 - H16 Noise Reducer disp. 75mm

Dispensers with brake

A hand dispenser with adjustable brake effectively guarantees smooth unrolling with resistance. A greater resistance in the unrolling of the tape helps to increase the pressure of the tape down into the fibers of the box/cardboard. This leads to better adhesion of the tape.

It is usually a small screw that can be loosened or tightened, depending on whether you want an easier or a tighter unrolling.

All tape types can be used in this dispenser, but it shows its full potential when using easy unrolling tape types such as PPS, PPHM and PPA.

If you need a dispenser with an adjustable brake, we stock the following:

93500 - ND 2140AB Carton Sealer 50mm
99100 - H11 CP Hånddispenser 50mm
99150 - H2 S Hånddispenser 50 mm
99200 - H66/CP Hånddispenser (til større ruller)

Ergonomic and "easy peasy"

In addition to the two functions above, which contribute to noise reduction and smooth unrolling, a hand dispenser must also be ergonomically correct. A solid and ergonomic grip is an advantage if you use your dispenser for many hours a day. If the handle is rubber coated, you will experience more comfortable handling.

At the same time, it is important that the dispenser is not too heavy. We have an ultra-light dispenser in our range, with an ergonomic and solid grip and noise reducing. With this dispenser, you easily get through the packing tasks:

93501 - ND 2990 Noise Reducer 50mm

Some companies prefer hand dispensers with knife protection. The tape is cut when the touchflap is pressed on the tape, where the serrated blade then pops out to cut the tape:

99150 - H2 S Hånddispenser 50 mm

For larger rolls, we have the following dispenser:

99200 - H66/CP Hånddispenser 

It is not always easy to find a dispenser that meets all of your requirements. If you still have questions regarding the choice of dispenser, you are very welcome to contact us.