Tape specialists

It's us!

We are one of the oldest companies in Europe within printed tape - and the only one with its own printing plant in Denmark. We have for more than 60 years produced tape, both with and without print, and this means that today we have a lot of know-how about these products. Over the last few years, we have started to offer other products such as stickers, labels, large format prints and curtain tapes.

Everything in house

We have gathered all activities in house, which also includes our own repro department and cliché production. Although we work quickly, we always take our time when it comes to the little quirky details – we love them and appreciate new challenges.

The fact that we are a broad-based supplier means that we can give our customers a complete graphic package combined with our large range of various tapes, dispensers and spare parts. All of this clearly has a number of unique advantages for you as a customer.

One big advantages is our delivery time. The fact that we ourselves manage the entire process from order receipt to the finished product means that we can deliver quickly. Another advantage is our extensive know-how, which ensures you good advice within packaging tape.

We continuously improve and expand our production capacity using the most advanced techniques available on the market today.

Each solution is unique

Our special machines are not only a guarantee for fast deliveries and optimal printing. They also ensure us to offer an individual solution – perfectly adapted to the individual customer's wishes. We think innovatively and recognize the enormous marketing value of printed tape. The finished printed tape must match the customers' expectation of a strong recognition effect.

We deliver to...

Denmark (incl. Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and Switzerland. These are some of our most important business markets.

We are always interested in expanding our current markets, but also expending with new exciting markets. If you are interested in buying or trading our products, please contact our sales team for further information on phone +4587375544.

Our strength is our ability to adapt our very broad product range to any specific market with a focus on stability, quality, service and flexibility.

Always updated

We work closely together with a number of European tape manufacturers and are always at the forefront of new developments in our field.

Our strength is our ability to adapt our very broad product range to any specific market with a focus on stability, quality, service and flexibility. We never compromise on quality and we are never satisfied until our customers are.

Our history

The company started in 1963 and was for many years called EL-LI TAPE/TRYK A/S. It was then a small company, which grew larger over time. The physical surroundings has been expanded a few times along the way since the company grew and more printing machines were purchased and put into operation.

Unfortunately, the company's buildings burned to the ground in February 1997, and we therefore had to start from scratch again. We rented some buildings shortly after, and the company fully recovered from the fire. In June 2004 we moved to a 3350 m² domicile located in Hasselager south of Aarhus.

Here we have established an up to date production with a skilled staff. We supply tape with and without print for both B2B and B2C relations.

In June 2009 we merged with Alfast Tape A/S (established in 1985) and a new, bigger and stronger company was created under the name expotape a/s. Our common goal was to offer the best solutions in printed tape. The new name 'expotape' refers to exposure and tape, and thereby clearly signals our core competence: Using tape as a medium for communication. Our logo contains an x, which is composed of two arrows pointing towards each other. This symbolizes that companies meet and that the two companies have now merged into one strong entity.

We really have succeeded in this and today we can proudly present new products such as labels, curtain tape and other tasks with our own design. We deliver both large and small orders and are always open and responsive to our customers' individual needs. Quality and service are and remain at the same high level as always and our sales team is ready to serve our customers.

Today we are one of the oldest companies in Europe in printed tape - and the only one with in Denmark with full production.