Standard print and creative designs

Our print designs

We have quite a few unique print designs, such as our Christmas tape. It is a universal Christmas tape with Christmas motifs and neutral text, so it can be used by everyone. In addition, we have various standard designs that can be used in childrens/baby stores, in pet stores and a neutral "packed with love/shipped with care" for any other store or webshop.

Not all are in stock, so delivery time can be up to 1-2 weeks. But those we stock  will of course be shipped from day to day.

In addition to our own designs, we stock various standard designs, such as warning tape, hazard tape, etc.

Choose the tape quality

If you want one of our standard tapes in a different quality than the one we stock, that is also an option. Here, however, the delivery time will be slightly longer. Contact us and get a good offer for the tape you want to change the tape quality of. You will receive an offer without repro and cliche costs, as we already have the cliche in our numerous and ever-growing cliche archive.

Do you have a creative idea for a new tape?

Do you have a great idea for a tape that you think would sell widely? Have you perhaps been looking for a specific tape with a specific print that cannot be found elsewhere? We are happy to take over the repro and cliche costs if we can see the possibilities in your idea. Let us hear your ideas…

Christmas tape (PVC)

"No knife" (paper tape)

Security Seal (PVC)

Shop designs

"Vorsicht" (PPA low-noise)

"Forsigtig" tape


Marking tape (laminated)

"Hold afstand"