Versatile and strong

PVC Natural Rubber

The PVC tape has a high and fast adhesive performance, which makes it usable on many different surfaces, including recycled cardboard (test liner). It has a comfortable, almost noiseless unwind characteristic and is ideal for closing medium and heavy boxes. A versatile packaging tape that handles most packaging tasks.

Also available in a thicker 60µ version, which is suitable for heavy duty boxes. Or in a strong colored version, which can for example be used for color marking of boxes for storage.

PVC tape should be applied at temperatures above 18° C, as it may otherwise make noise or even break during unwind. But it can easily be put in the fridge/freezer afterwards.

The PVC tape is particularly suitable for printing.

PVC with print

PVC pakketape

PVC colored

How about sustainability?

PVC is often the subject of controversial discussions. Therefore, it is important to bring some clarity to the many myths and misunderstandings, as PVC is more sustainable than the common perception suggests.

Personalize your tape

Transform your boxes and packages into a great advertising media by having your tape printed with your company logo and possibly associated barcode or QR code. This simple advertising medium not only creates a wow effect, but also a high recognition value.

Which dispenser?

Which dispenser is best for PVC natural rubber tape?