Best for cold temperature appliance, often a problem solver

PP Natural Rubber

PP Natural rubber tape (Polinar) has a high adhesion. The adhesive is the same as on our popular PVC tape and can be used to close all sizes of boxes.

The elasticity of a PP tape is higher than that of a PVC tape, which makes it better able to withstand shock loads. It is often used in packaging machines, due to easier unwind tension.

A versatile packaging tape that handles most packaging tasks and is particularly good for application in damp and cold environments, boxes made of recycled cardboard (testliner) and boxes with a lot of or colored printing. It is also available in a stronger version, which is suitable for extra heavy boxes.

PPNR can also be applied at moist and low temperatures in cold and freezing areas.

Available both with and without print. This tape has an easy but noisy unwind.

Polinar Transparent

PPNR printed machine rolls

Long Rolls (Natural Rubber, Hot Melt, PPA)

PP Natural Rubber with your print

Transform your boxes and packages into a great advertising media by having your tape printed with your company logo and possibly associated barcode or QR code. This simple advertising medium not only creates a wow effect, but also a high recognition value.

Which dispenser?

Which dispenser is best for PP Natural Rubber tape?