Everything in house

Repro, proof and cliche

We have gathered all activities in house, which also includes our own repro department and cliche production. We have countless fonts to choose from and when it comes to color combinations in logos and texts, there are many options. Although we work quickly, we always take our time when it comes to quirky details – we love them and always appreciate new challenges.



Repro and design

If we receive a finished vectorized/outlined file (in acceptable quality), there are no repro costs. If a finished file is not available, we are happy to make a drawing and setup for a reproduction fee. When ordering printed tape in the webshop, you can use the comments field if you have any doubts about your file material. You will then receive an offer in the reply email from us.

We are also happy to design and set up the whole thing for you. If you need our help from scratch, just write in the contact field or call us on +45 87375544.

If we receive the following file formats, it is almost always without repro costs:

Vectorized files (layout): Illustrator EPS and Ai files and editable pdf files.
InDesign documents with associated files and fonts.
Image files (jpg, tiff and psd) must be min. 600 dpi. Not all layouts/image files can be used. Ask if in doubt

We print with Pantone Solid Coated colors. Please note the Pantone color, otherwise we translate the colors in the file to the nearest Pantone color. You will of course have the opportunity to approve the color at the proof before we print.


If it is the first time you are making a printed tape or changes need to be made to your current print, we will make a proof for you. It is a pdf file that shows how the design of your finished tape will look.

When you approve the proof, it can either be done by signing the proof and emailing it back to us. In the proof, you must also choose which scrolling direction you want. The most used is the one we call A: Normal. You can also approve the proof by writing an email to us where you approve the proofreading and which unrolling direction you want on the tape.

Please note that a proof is never true to color, neither on print nor on a computer screen.

The finished print will in some cases differ from the proof. This applies to e.g. raster print, print with small and fine details and fitting.


First time you have a printed tape made, cliche costs are incurred. After this a new cliche is only needed if there is changes in the print. 

The cliche is a kind of "stamp pad" that the printer uses to print the color on the tape. It is mounted on a cylinder, one per color. The cost depends on the number of colors used, and the printing process used (negative print or positive print).

The most used cliche is a polymer cliche, but there are also special rubber cliches (sleeves). The polymer cliche can be used for both positive and negative tasks. But with a polymer cliche, the negative assignments get a thin line across the tape (in the color of the tape) where the cliche is assembled. A sleeve is used for the negative tasks that are desired without this cliche assembly. Sleeves are significantly more expensive compared to polymer cliches and the delivery time on the tape is longer, as they are produced by an external supplier.