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Colors on tape can be a bit challenging. The tape already has a color which partly shines through the printed colours. Our print colors are slightly transparent (not fully opaque) and may vary slightly in shades. It is important for us to match the color as closely as possible, but you must in someway expect a certain color deviation. If we get an assignment with colors where we ourselves have difficulty assessing how the printed result will be, we will contact you so that we can find the best solution together.

We print with colors mixed according to the Pantone C (coated) scale. If you only have the colors in RAL, HKS, CMYK or RGB colours, they must therefore be converted to the closest matching Pantone C colour.

When ordering, please specify the desired Pantone color,
otherwise you will receive a color proposal from us, which you approve at the proof.


We use 22 standard colors

Take a look at our color storage

We mix special colors ourselves

Our standard colors

Our 22 standard Pantone colors span widely. We always stock standard colors and can use these colors to mix special colors according to the Pantone scale. So if you want a very special color for your logo, we will be happy to mix it for you.

For a special color, a special color fee is charged.


About standard colors

If you have colors in your logo or design that are not one of our 22 standard colors, we consider it a special color. In these cases, we will charge a special color fee. Special color can either be ordered in the webshop, together with your printed tape and cliche costs. Or you can contact us through the contact field if you still have questions about colors.


We can print very bright colors on white tape, but we do not recommend it, as they become very indistinct. Your tape should after all be recognized from a distance.

No, the colors on the proof are not colour-true. Your monitor may show the colors differently than the actual Pantone color. The same applies to your prints from a printer.

Yes, we can, but the color will be affected by the dark background. Therefore, we recommend to print light colors with a negative dark color. Read more under the section positive/negative print.

Yes, we do print both gold, silver, copper, etc. on tape. But be aware that gold and copper almost disappear on brown tape.

However, we have done both gold and copper on brown paper tape and although the color is difficult to see, the final result looks very elegant. We are happy to send you a sample or a picture by email.