Miles of advertising

Barrier tape

Barrier tape is used for many purposes, and it is miles of advertising for your company. Get it with your own print/logo and use it at fairs, major events, sporting events, police actions, road work, store sales, etc.

We have barrier tape (poly tape) in both yellow and white and the rolls can be cut in widths of 50mm, 75mm, 150mm (contact us for special cuts). The length is 250m or 500m per roll.

Standard barrier tape

Printed barrier tape

Printed paper


As a general rule we only print on 1 side and the back is the same color as the foil. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need printing or coloring on both sides - in special cases it can be done.

A maximum of 3 colors can be printed.

It depends on the layout. Poly band/barrier tape is very flexible and the matching of colors can be somewhat less precise than on tape. So you get the nicest print by not placing the colors next to each other.

1 box (12 rolls in 50mmx250m or 8 rolls in 75mmx250m).

We have barrier tape in white and yellow. If you want a different colour, we can dye the tape first. Or maybe a negative print is the right solution for you. Contact us and find out more.