Aggressive adhesive performance in less time

PP Hot Melt

PP Hot Melt tape has a strong and fast adhesive ability and is therefore suitable for closing all types of boxes. It is a good, but not quiet, all-round tape.

It has an easy roll-off, which can be regulated with a dispenser with a brake, which we also stock.

Hot Melt is a synthetic aggressive adhesive which, together with the elasticity of the PP backing, makes the tape particularly suitable for use in packaging machines, but less suitable in moist environments.

It is also resistant to cold and frozen environments, but must be applied at a temperature above 10°C

Available both with and without print. This tape has an easy but noisy unwind.

PP Hot Melt

PP HM Machine Rolls


PP HM with your print

Transform your boxes and packages into a great advertising media by having your tape printed with your company logo and possibly associated barcode or QR code. This simple advertising medium not only creates a wow effect, but also a high recognition value.

Which dispenser?

Which dispenser is best for PP Hot Melt tape?