Labels and stickers

Read more about all the different options you have to make some super nice labels and stickers. We make them in many sizes, shapes, colors and thicknesses with a focus on small runs. Together we will find the perfect solution for you.

Stickers with your design

Domed 3D labels

Paper label "Recycling"

Paper labels

With a paper label, your store is seen by many more people than those who shop with you. Use it to your advantage and make great advertising in an elegant way. Paper labels appear more exclusive and can just do something that regular stickers can't. They put the finishing touches on your gift wrapping. Whether it is a bouquet of flowers, a gift of wine or a box of delicious chocolate.

The possibilities are many. With several types of paper to choose from, we can certainly find a combination of print and paper that fits perfectly into your store concept. Whether you prefer glossy, matte or recycled paper, we will find the right one for you.

With the option of being able to print with white color, also comes the option of printing on solid black paper labels. The white color can be used as an underlying color so that your message is sharp and more legible on, for example, a black or recycled background. But the color can also stand alone and give your paper label an exclusive look.

Paper labels can be made in sizes and designs as desired. They come on a roll and can are a smart alternative to labels on sheets, as they are easier to store and can be hung on most wrapping stations.

Consecutive numbers on the labels are possible, and a lamination can be added to protect the print.

Vinyl stickers

A sticker is an easy way to communicate your message and in our durable vinyl you get a solution for many years. Use them as advertising or as warning signs or for other information. They can be included as part of your product, e.g. a series of numbers or letters for setting, symbols, color indication of buttons, etc.

If you use many different sizes of stickers, we can combine these on one sheet, so-called Combi-Labels. Then you don´t need to buy many hundreds of each kind.

We print with latex colors and cut out the size and shape you need. Likewise, to protect the print, we can add a thin laminate.

If you want consecutive numbers on your stickers, we can do that too.

Domed 3D labels

Domed 3D labels, is a sticker on which a thick layer of polyol (a two-component polyurethane that does not contain heavy metals or toxins) is applied, giving a curved glass-clear 3D effect. The polyol has two advantages: First it protects the print against outer influences such as wind and weather, and second it gives the label a different and more exclusive look than ordinary flat labels.

Domed 3D labels can be used in many places. However, it is best that the surface is flat, as otherwise the label may loosen in the long term. If the surface has a slight curvature, you can advantageously use a softer polyol or a stronger adhesive to compensate for the fact that the prism label will straighten out and loosen over time.

Use it as branding for your company with your name and logo, so that everyone can see where the product comes from.

Highlight your design on push buttons, handles, lids, controls, keys, number plates, etc.

Protect vital information such as serial numbers, alarm information, operating instructions, etc.

Domed 3D labels are extremely durable. They can be wiped clean, and will appear new year after year. Depending on the location, the print can last up to 10 years, and so can the polyol itself. The polyurethane can withstand temperature changes from -40°C to +150°C.

We are happy to send you samples of domed 3D labels so that you can test the product for your use.