Sustainable and elegant

Paper tape

The paper tape has a high adhesive capacity and is a good environmentally friendly alternative. It is fast adhesive and grabs hold of the fibers from the cardboard. It can be used for closing light to medium-heavy boxes.

Paper tape gives a nice, simple expression that goes with the cardboard box. It is available in both white, brown and black and we also have a number of colored paper tapes in stock. In addition, we can dye it in many other different colors.

It has a lower breaking strength than PP and PVC tape, which means that it can be torn, so the recipient does not need to use a knife or scissors. Note for stronger sealing se our 3 application advice below, how to proper close a box with papertape.

Also available with your own print. papertape has a smooth an relative silent unwind.

Paper tape / Ecomask without print

Colored paper tape

Printed paper tape

Packaging guide for paper tape

For light and medium-weight boxes, it is in most cases fine to close the box in the normal way with a single piece of tape across the middle of the box and slightly down over the edge. But if the box is unstable, it is a good idea to put an extra short piece across the ends of the box (see picture below). 

If you have a heavy box that you still want to use paper tape for, you can use the H-closing method instead. The box's seal becomes stronger and more stable.

As always, tape along the middle and a good distance down the edge, but then the two ends of the box are also taped (as shown in the picture). Always remember to press the ends firmly.

Normal closing

Extra securing

H-closing for heavy boxes

Tape with your print

Transform your boxes and packages into a great advertising media by having your tape printed with your company logo and possibly associated barcode or QR code. This simple advertising medium not only creates a wow effect, but also a high recognition value.